NIMA 2022

Fearless: Seeing God Clearly in a Hostile World

The Message of the Book of Daniel

November 7 - 8 2022
Maze Presbyterian Church
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The late Melvin Tinker in a book called ‘That Hideous Strength — How the West was Lost’ describes how over the last 60 years or so, in the West, there has effectively occurred the death of one culture, rooted in the Judeo-Christian world view, and the rise of another more secular one which now permeates our public institutions. But this ‘diabolical drama’, he says, ‘needs to be placed within the bigger biblical drama of God’s action in the world through his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and his people who are caught up in it, living as strangers and exiles and called to stand against the world in order to win the world.’

This is where the book of Daniel is particularly prescient for the times in which we live and we are delighted to have Jonty Allcock and Robin Sydserff unpack its message under the title: ‘FEARLESS: Seeing God Clearly in a Hostile World’.


Jonty Allcock

Globe Church, Mayfair, London

Jonty Allcock is the lead pastor at the Globe Church. Prior to coming to central London he was involved for fourteen years in a church plant in Enfield, serving for seven years as pastor before moving to central London in 2015 to plant the Globe Church in Mayfair.

Robin Sydserff

Chalmers Church, Edinburgh

Robin Sydserff is the lead minister at Chalmers Church in Edinburgh. His key responsibilities include preaching, leadership of the Elders and staff team, strategy and pastoral care. Prior to coming to Edinburgh in 2009, Robin spent four years as Director of Ministry at The Proclamation Trust in London.