Equipping and encouraging preachers

The aim of the Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly is to encourage and help preachers to give themselves to the indispensable work of presenting the Lord Jesus Christ to believers and unbelievers, to all ages, and to all kinds of people.

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We firmly believe that when the Bible is taught faithfully and relevantly the voice of God is heard in a living and powerful way. We therefore seek to encourage those engaged in a preaching ministry to see the expounding of Scripture as the pressing need in today’s church and aim to equip them for this exacting task. The annual two-day Ministry Assembly in November at Maze Presbyterian Church, which Is fully-catered, is slanted towards those in full-time preaching ministries but Bible students and spouses of Gospel workers are very welcome. NIMA partners with Cornhill Belfast to hold a Preaching Day in May. This is a one-day uncatered event which is open to anyone who is involved in teaching the Bible.


Christ Above All

The Message of Colossians

Tuesday 17th May 2022
T3 Conference Centre


Conrad MbeweConrad MbeweKabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka
Christ Above All