Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly

Equipping and Encouraging Preachers

HOLY RELEVANT—preaching and pursuing holiness in an unholy world

The Fifth Northern Ireland Ministry Assembly

The aim of our annual assembly is to encourage preachers. We firmly believe that when the Bible is opened and taught faithfully and relevantly the voice of God is heard in a living and powerful way. We therefore seek to encourage those engaged in preaching to see the exacting work of expounding Scripture as the pressing need in today's church. While the assembly, therefore, is mainly for those in current full-time preaching ministries, others are very welcome, especially students, apprentices and spouses of Christian workers.


Photograph of Bryan Chapell

Dr Bryan Chapell is President of and Professor of Practical Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He was a pastor for approximately ten years before joining the faculty of Covenant Seminary. He is a well-known speaker and author of several books, including Holiness by Grace and Christ-centred Preaching.

Photograph of Vaughan Roberts

Vaughan Roberts studied law and theology at Cambridge University before a brief spell doing student ministry in South Africa. He subsequently trained for ordination in the Church of England at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and has remained in Oxford since then, joining the staff of St Ebbe's Church as a curate in 1991. He is now the Rector at St Ebbe's, having previously headed up the church's ministry to students. Vaughan is the Director of The Proclamation Trust, which seeks to encourage and equip preachers to expound the Bible. He is also Chairman of '9:38', an initiative that encourages people to consider the possibility of gospel ministry.


15–16 November 2010


Trinity Methodist Church, Lisburn, Co Antrim
Map showing location of Trinity Methodist Church (click for larger image)

Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of the sessions are now available for free download.


The poster for the Assembly is still available for information.